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FIRST OFF, let me say that I wish you and yours health and wellness in the midst of what has been a heartbreaking and ravaging health crisis. As we continue to re-emerge into group spaces, I truly hope that you're doing ok.

As we move forward into a post-Covid world and begin to explore how to create this type of art in its midst, I'd like to outline the safety protocols we'll be following in class. They are as follows:

1.) All participants must provide proof of vaccination and at least one booster.



2.) Masks will not be required but certainly may be worn intermittently or throughout the class if that's your preference. I've taught numerous classes with some or all participants masked and it's worked just fine.


3.) Social distancing is something that we will discuss individually prior to working. While distancing will not be required in the class, I will have a private conversation with each of you prior to the first date of class to determine where your comfort levels are. Rest assured that if you would prefer to maintain social distance while in class, that preference will be respected by all in the room.

4.) I will provide each participant with a silicone red nose which will come in an unopened wrapped package directly from the vendor. This nose will never be used by anyone other than the participant and will be theirs to keep.


THE BOTTOM LINE is that individually and collectively we will create a working environment that is safe and allows everyone in the room to feel comfortable exploring this work in whatever manner they'd like. In our conversation

regarding safety prior to class, you'll have the opportunity to voice any concerns or preferences around these safety protocols and we'll address them together until you feel comfortable and satisfied.

Any participant unwilling to adhere to the safety protocols will be asked to leave the group and will receive a full refund.

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